A 100% Mexican tequila

250 years of tradition in the cultivation and distillation of blue agave have produced a tequila with noble flavors and a powerful effect, produced by Mexican hands.

Our agave, grown entirely at the Las Presas ranch of the El Sabino distillery, enjoys privileged terrain, which guarantees in every sip the unique characteristics that distinguish us.

Committed with honoring the fruit of our land, the distillate of our tequila is kept pure 100% agave, free of other distillates and added sugars..

pile brown barrels inside building
pile brown barrels inside building

A 100% agave tequila

The best of two worlds in a tequila

Our tequila is the result of the mixture of two production processes.
On the one hand, the artisanal process provides complex, intense flavors with unique nuances; while the industrial process guarantees a smooth and consistent flavor.

A tequila for everyone

The nobility of our tequila is sublimated in an accessible flavor for connoisseurs and budding enthusiasts, due to its soft notes, easy to taste; that do not diminish the power of the impact of its 40 degrees of alcohol.

Due to this balance, rich in nuances and smooth to taste, our tequila is ideal for pairing, mixology; or as the perfect accent for any gastronomic creation.